“A World of Consequences Deferred Too Long”


HD Video, 17 min. stereo sound



The operations of both sex and killing require the binary agency of a giving, and conversely a receiving human.


As a part of Vollhardt’s solo exhibition “(non) available bodies”, the moving image work “a world deferred too long” looks at the politics of care and transgression as labour.

The defining elements – space, power, and their actors – are embodied by performers, which the artist refers to as “proxies”, through methodologies of systemic constellation in a sort of psychastenic challenge. At certain points they submit themselves to embody complex terminologies, but they also will suddenly change into being just one among others, when not able anymore to hold the embodiment and so being dispossessed of its privilege, literally no longer knowing where to position themselves. This creates a space - defined by movement - where bodies will communicate from their unconscious memory about value and validation.


Text Veronika Draexler




Power, Spaces and their Actors - Text by Muriel Meyer


Wem gehoert der Koerper? - Text by Nikolai B Forstbauer