HD Video, 16:9, 18 min., stereo sound

Support: Cultural Trustfund of European Union, Parallax 3D


A femme-dystopian Neon-Noir Film in 3D


A woman lingers in a cinema lobby.

A multitude of men emerge and leave the space.

Maybe it's the beginning of a tribunal of a trial whose indictment is unknown, but it could also be

a musical scene.




Grace: Sina Martens

Host: Laurean Wagner

Husband: Laurean Wagner


Director / editor / screenplay : Lene Vollhardt

DOP: Alke Marianne Scherrmann, Melanie Jilg

Music composition, string arrangement, audio recording: Anders Ehlin

Stereographer: Alke Marianne Scherrmann

1. camera assistant: Franziska Vogel

2. camera assistant: Kerstin Moeller

3D Stereo-Rigger: Jonas Pieroth, Dominic Thiel

Best boy, set photography: Ira Konyukhova