Vague Wars (2015) HD video, 15 min, Stereo Sound “A newscast sets out to explain the interrelation between women and war. This is the starting point of a visual and discursive tour de force of gender positioning. It juxtaposes egyptian mythology, totems and a woman giving birth to a present gift. Literally and figuratively this work opens many doors to new conceptual spaces. It evokes and debunks stereotypes in imaginative and surprising ways.” -Director Christina Rosendahl at the award ceremony for 'Fokus 2015', Nikolaj Kunsthal Copenhagen Director, Screenplay, Edit: Lene Vollhardt Additional texts, co-author: Seraphine Meya Additional texts: Elisabeth von Samsonow, Egyptian Book of Nut, Marie Fesche Director of Photography: Philipp Ernst, Benjamin Breitkopf Sound recording, composition: Christian Berkes Performers: Hannah Cooke, Damian Domes, Annika Gutsche, Heidi Herzig, Florentine Krafft, Eva Wetzler, Ali Gharib, Martin Lorenz SFX: Sandra Untenberger Poster-design: Nora Cristea Comissioned by the cultural board of the city Karlsruhe Premiered at 22. European Days of Culture Karlsruhe, "Memoires Perdues" Winner of Fokus Award 2015, Nikolaj Kunsthal Copenhagen, Denmark